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They Will Hate Us

Coming up like most of us I desired to be liked and accepted. I believe it is natural to want to be a part of some sort of community in addition to your immediate family whether from a good home or not so good home. It’s natural for someone to want to be thought highly of. And depending on how much we desire to be acknowledged, accepted, and honored, will determine whether or not the pressure of our peers will get the best of us.

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The Fear of GOD

It’s a blessing when our eyes are open to the truth, mercy and love of Jesus Christ. When He shows us this mercy there is a desire that rises in us that wants to please Him, a least that’s how is is for me. I can remember when God became Father and walking with Him. Along this walk there was some stumbling and getting back up and repeating cycles. I was trying to turn the corner in my walk, but I was still tolerating certain mindsets (lust), friendships, worldliness, and being double minded. Ultimately it was because I didn’t understand the Fear of God, the Fear of the Lord. I knew His love, I finally understood what He had done for me on the cross. It wasn’t like I wanted to take advantage of Him, but like many believers I had to learn more about His character. I needed to get more of a grasp of who He is. The fear of the Lord was not taught in great detail at my home church, that is why it is important to seek Him for ourselves and to diligently seek His face through prayer and reading His Word.

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Wave the White Flag (Surrender)

So we’re more than halfway through the first month of the year and many of us are diligently going after our goals and resolutions. I love the motivation that comes at the beginning of the year, the commitments, and the promises that we make to ourselves filled with well intentions. For the last few weeks I was thinking of achievements that I could pursue for the new year, things I wanted to finally learn, certificates I wanted to earn. I laid out my self improvement mission for 2022. Then it came to me, “What if you just surrendered?”
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No Looking Back!

Lord, I’m sorry I will never do that again, sin, repeat. Have you ever been caught in the sin repeat cycle? I’m not talking about making a mistake but going back to the same habitual sin over and over again. Well I have been there and believe me was a huge hindrance to my spiritual growth and breakthrough as a believer. The Lord has made it clear to some of us, in His Word, through a godly friend, or our own conscience, that we need to let something go because it is stunting our walk with Jesus. Habitual sin a lot of times keeps us running in place for years, robbing us of God’s very best in our lives. When God says don’t look back He means it!
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Being Salt and Light in A Dark World

We are living in a world that will continue to get darker and darker as we approach the end of all things (read 1 Peter 4:7). As believers it is extremely important that we let our light shine in this dark world. There are people in it that God wants to touch and save from the reality of hell. I hope this short video encourages those who believe to trust God and step out in faith, using the tools that God have given his children to gather the harvest.

You are Forgiven, so Grow On!

by: Travis B.

Or do you have no regard for the wealth of His kindness and tolerance and patience [in withholding His wrath]? Are you [actually] unaware or ignorant [of the fact] that God’s kindness leads you to repentance [that is, to change your inner self, your old way of thinking—seek His purpose for your life]?
Romans 2:4 AMP

The LORD’s forgiveness is for peace and His grace is for growth, allowing us time to mature into our purpose. He does not leave us as we started this journey, we are to grow up!

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Love Loading (Part 2) – The Love That Corrects

Remember the blog I wrote way back in February called Love Loading? If not you can read about it here. We discussed the love that God calls us to. The love that isn’t based on conditions or what’s in it for us. The love that is willing to sacrifice for the family member, friend, or spouse. Well there is one very important aspect that I left out of the equation. True love corrects.
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Love Loading (Part 1)

by Marcus M

Going into the new year one of my desires was for the Lord to help me increase in love. However in order to do that, He would really have to show me what love truly is. What do we honestly think of when someone mentions the ‘L’ word? Depending on who you ask there can be sooo many different interpretations of what this word means. For some it’s an intense emotion for someone or something, for others it’s words of encouragement or your actions. Personally I lean towards the latter. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what I think it matters what God says. In order to grow in love we must submit to what the bible says pure love is. Before we get into what love is according to God and His Word, let’s look at what love is not according to the same standard.
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You Can Be Cool and Still Have CHRIST.

by Dominic G.

Do you think you can be cool and still have Christ?  The answer is yes!  Jesus Christ loves us and wants to have a relationship with us regardless of how cool we think we are.  Some think that if they display their love for Christ that they won’t be considered cool.  As Christians, we are in this world but not of this world. With that said, we should not worry about what the world thinks of us or how we would be classified by worldly standards.  By following Christ, cool will be redefined according to his will. Below are a few examples on how to walk in confidence with Christ.

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The Fight for Your Mind

by Marcus M.

What if I told you that you were going to get into one of the biggest fights of your life? Who or what would your opponent be? How would you imagine him, her, or it? Now what if I told you that one of your toughest opponents wasn’t even external to yourself however it was your former self, how you used to think, your old desires, your worldly wants. Our old mindset as believers in Jesus can present the most challenges in our walk with Christ. Our Father in heaven actually cares about the way we think, and what we choose to allow our minds to dwell on. It isn’t okay to fantasize about things that we know are not pleasing to God. Continue reading

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