“I’ll get to it tomorrow”,”just one more episode”, and my favorite, “I can only do my best work under pressure”. Do these pitiful excuses sound familiar to you? I honestly believe that procrastination is a character flaw that we all can identify with at one point in time or another. We live in a culture that has conditioned us to constantly crave entertainment. There are so many forces fighting for our time. Back in the day we only had cable television. Now we have “on-demand” services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, in which we can almost always find just what we want to watch or spend over an hour just searching for it if what we are looking for is not there. We have multiple (anti) social media accounts that can leave us scrolling through our smartphones aimlessly in almost a vegetative state. It seems so harmless on the surface but it is actually a part of our flesh that we will have to resist. These devices are nothing but tools to keep us zoned out, zombie like, and ineffective. The Bible warns us about laziness and its ramifications. Continue reading