MonthOctober 2022

Lawlessness vs Righteousness

Lawlessness vs Righteousness. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Therefore we cannot address our sin issues in a carnal way. Our weapons are obedience and faith. We fail without them. It is the Lord God that fights for us.

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Never Forget The Shepherd

Have you ever found yourself so familiar with a passage of scripture that you forget how impactful it was to your life? How comforting it is to your soul? I realized that happened to me with a passage that is a favorite for many believers, Psalm 23. I tend to be an analytical person that likes to figure out everything and sometimes that can cause me to stress about things that I have no control over. One mid-day while dealing with the “stressers”, of work, ministry, and just not knowing what the future holds, I had the urge to just pick up my bible and read Psalms 23. There are a few things that it reminded me of that I’d like to share with you.

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