When I think back to when the Lord first removed the blinders off my eyes, I could remember being sooo hungry spiritually. I would read the word for hours, talk about Jesus to those closest to me, and ask fellow believers for their testimonies. I also began to search the internet for sermons, bible commentaries, and teachings. I wanted to take the word in all the time so I would lay back with my headphones on listening to sermons, podcast, and youtube videos about God. The internet can do many great things in building the faith of Christians all over the world. It gives us a chance to view testimonies and teachings that otherwise wouldn’t be available to us in our hometowns. Many of us are discipled by people from afar because there is a spiritual famine in our local churches. Over the years God has lead me to some powerful ministries that helped me grow in the Lord when I felt I didn’t have anyone to disciple me. However because of the world wide web we also have access to false teachings like never before. We are in the last days and scripture says that these days are going to be full of deception. Continue reading