Lawlessness vs Righteousness

Lawlessness vs Righteousness. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Therefore we cannot address our sin issues in a carnal way. Our weapons are obedience and faith. We fail without them. It is the Lord God that fights for us.

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Over Turned!

The word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,before you were born I set you apart

Jeremiah 1:4-5a

Many child sacrifices have occurred in this country giving the devil power in the spiritual realm. This isn’t a political or practical matter. It is an issue of spiritual warfare, morality and obedience to God. The Lord is for life, and protecting the innocent.

There are six things the Lord hates,seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes,a lying tongue,hands that shed innocent blood

Proverbs 6:16-17


by Travis B.

All other ground is sinking sand. Father when I stepped into self, my intellect called me to self righteousness. A foreign land, a land not acquainted with you. It brought uneasiness and fear. A land where I had to sustain and qualify myself. Lord there the seeming palace has become a prison. One that had trapped me for the grounds had shifted causing the door to bind and the windows to seize. 

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It Was You, It is You, It Will Always Be You

by Travis B.

You have delivered us countless times. Some we have forgotten. Some we just see as the order of the day, and somewhere in there we forget it was you, your love your mercy . We miss that this is a benefit of our relationship with you. It is your holly standard that stem the tides of death, despair, hopelessness and confusion. It is you who orchestrated and led the jail brake out of sins grip through your Son Jesus. It was you who fed us when we could not do for ourselves, it was you who brought in peace when chaos was all around, it was you who brought in comfort when there were no words to speak. Lord it was you, it was you, all the time Lord it is you. Continue reading

Giving God all of our trust and truly stepping out in faith is by no means an easy thing, but doing that is the only thing that pleases Him. I just wanted to give us all a charge for the New Year and admonish all believers in 2019. Trust God and step out in faith this year. Do the things that He has instructed us to do while we have the time to get them done. God wants to teach us to number our days so that we use our time wisely and intentionally. Jesus is going to manifest His power through the children of God in an awesome way. And only those who truly believe and have faith will be apart of it. If the Lord has told you to feed the needy on a regular basis do it, if He has told you to heal the sick step out in faith, if he told you to intercede in prayer for family and friends do so. This is not the time to be spiritually lazy. Let us go and serve the Lord. I love you all.

First Thing’s First

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, I’m Marcus aka MarcGotCalledOut. I’m excited to be writing my first post on the Drawing Near Blog it really has been a long time coming. The Drawing Near blog seeks to glorify God and His son Jesus through sketches, photos, and articles that will build up the body of Christ.

You are sure to find a wide variety of topics addressed from a biblical point of view. It is my prayer that this platform will be used by the body of Christ build up one another. We should all have a place where we can sharpen our swords. I hope to hear from you as we share each others testimonies and experiences with God.


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. – 1 Thessalonias 5:11

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