It’s a blessing when our eyes are open to the truth, mercy and love of Jesus Christ. When He shows us this mercy there is a desire that rises in us that wants to please Him, a least that’s how is is for me. I can remember when God became Father and walking with Him. Along this walk there was some stumbling and getting back up and repeating cycles. I was trying to turn the corner in my walk, but I was still tolerating certain mindsets (lust), friendships, worldliness, and being double minded. Ultimately it was because I didn’t understand the Fear of God, the Fear of the Lord. I knew His love, I finally understood what He had done for me on the cross. It wasn’t like I wanted to take advantage of Him, but like many believers I had to learn more about His character. I needed to get more of a grasp of who He is. The fear of the Lord was not taught in great detail at my home church, that is why it is important to seek Him for ourselves and to diligently seek His face through prayer and reading His Word.

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