MonthJanuary 2019

It’s Chisel Season in 2019

by Marcus M.

The beginning of the year marks a season of change for many people. Promises are made New Year’s resolutions are created and goals are set. We as Christians are continuously going through seasons of change no matter what time of year it is, because we have God’s Spirit living within. Yes, The Holy Spirit is our comforter and our guide but He was also sent to convict the world of sin righteousness and judgement, and this includes the life of the believer.
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Great Riches, Such a Tragedy

Hello everyone below is a guest post from my family and brother in Christ Travis Brown who wanted to share his heart.

Great Riches, Such a Tragedy

Being offered everything anyone could ever hope for and then some. I do a lot in God’s name, I say a lot about God, but I ask myself when will I fully surrender to God?

Eternity calls, what is it that is holding me?
What possession, that thing that hold such great value, is hindering me, blocking my joy, my peace, my full on relationship with God?
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Giving God all of our trust and truly stepping out in faith is by no means an easy thing, but doing that is the only thing that pleases Him. I just wanted to give us all a charge for the New Year and admonish all believers in 2019. Trust God and step out in faith this year. Do the things that He has instructed us to do while we have the time to get them done. God wants to teach us to number our days so that we use our time wisely and intentionally. Jesus is going to manifest His power through the children of God in an awesome way. And only those who truly believe and have faith will be apart of it. If the Lord has told you to feed the needy on a regular basis do it, if He has told you to heal the sick step out in faith, if he told you to intercede in prayer for family and friends do so. This is not the time to be spiritually lazy. Let us go and serve the Lord. I love you all.

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