MonthJuly 2018

Getting Back Up

For some sin and temptation is a struggle even after the new birth. I have definitely been there. Even having a sincere love of Jesus and coming to Him with all of my heart or to the best of my ability I struggled with doubt, lust, and unforgiveness. With that being said this post isn’t for the man or woman who is attempting to accept salvation but wants to continue in sin as if God doesn’t know what a truly regenerated heart looks like. This is for believers who are trusting in Jesus for salvation, mourning over their sin, and believing in the true grace which is to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the things that please God. If you have fallen into sin and are feeling unworthy of the calling been given to you, I pray that this is an encouragement. Continue reading

Lexington Market Meets Jesus

A few weeks ago The Reaper Squad (evangelism ministry and my family in Christ) went to Lexington Market, Baltimore Maryland to share the love of Jesus with anyone who would listen. It is a blessing to be a part of what God is doing and to be in fellowship with brothers and sisters who are on fire for Jesus and encourage one another to go deeper in relationship with Him. Anyway checkout this short video I put together. We spread the gospel, healed the sick, rebuked evil spirits, and brought glory to Jesus’ name.

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